Spotlight on… Books

The Last Time we Spoke, by Fiona Sussman 

What an excellent book – but beware of starting, as you won’t be able to put it down. This is a real insight into the pathways of a victim and the offender, chapter by chapter.
Pre and post crime, they eventually come together through the restorative justice process, of which I am a big fan, as it certainly has an ability to create a perspective and assist a victim and offender move forward – then more twists and turns develop from here. Having worked in New Zealand prisons for the last three years, I was impressed with the reality of the writing – it truly does conquer up the difficult environments that these offenders are nurtured in, creating a vivid reality check for us all. Given the escalating crime in this country and the growing community of socially disadvantaged, this book will give you a huge insight into the challenges, and some of the reasons they exist, and maybe just maybe get you thinking about how you can assist, and break some of the ever increasing cycle.
A must read this summer – I couldn’t put it down, and so wonderfully relevant as it is based in New Zealand.


Spotlight on… Women in our WorldYoung Mother Resting with Infant Child

Poignant new photo series #childmothers helps raise global awareness on the ongoing plight that many women face still face around our world.


-May 17, 2016

Spotlight on… Fashion

Anine Bing, an LA based designer does the best boots.


-May 10, 2016


Spotlight on… Fashion

Now here is what you call mash up fashion – Stella Jean’s latest collection is outstanding!

-May 10, 2016


Spotlight on… FoodAnnah Stretton spotlight on rawlicious

Who said raw food couldn’t be delicious? Check out love what these guys are doing
-May 10, 2016