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Driving real social change and choice for socially disadvantaged demographics

RAW offers socially disadvantaged women a pathway forward to a different lifestyle through an unprecedented level of wrap around support and education. But the benefits to New Zealand don’t stop there because in creating a highly functional mother, RAW also enables the next generation to be loved, protected and nurtured though the education system creating a new cycle of opportunity and contribution.

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sisterhood of good
Imagine a world where all women shared an absolute love and belief in themselves and their abilities.

We would nurture stronger families and create a foundation stone on which the human race would truly thrive! Women are the nucleus on which so much depends so isn’t it time we banded together to create the very best versions of ourselves and our world? I believe it’s time we formed a Sisterhood of Good.

Sisterhood of Good is yet another extension of Annah’s work in the space of women supporting women to become everything they are capable of. Through her soon to be published book, Facebook page and Live Life in Colour events that are being run around the country, Annah is creating a series of powerful platforms to share real stories and simple strategies that will hopefully inspire more women to ‘colour’ their world one step at a time and live a life they love.

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Live life in colour annah stretton

Do you dream in colour but sometimes feel like daily life is a little on the grey side?

Annah Stretton has embarked on a series of Live Life in Colour events around the country that aim to help New Zealand women remove the grey from their lives and begin to live a life they truly love.
Annah believes that many women have put the handbrake on their aspirations and potential due to a mixture of self doubt and service to others. Time to release the brake!
The Live Life in Colour events are all about sharing some very real strategies on how women can begin to colour their world using some simple techniques. “It’s about teaching women to design their very own ‘I can have it all’ plan and sharing stories of those who have already started down the path to show what’s possible” says Annah.

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Annah’s unrelenting drive to do more and be more has also seen her attract an international online following of over 210,000, become a successful author, blogger, magazine publisher, and public speaker.

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