I’d like to suggest a change to the way we look at giving.

Consider this, as you madly rush around sorting last minute gifts for our loved ones or  mandatory gifts for those not so loved for that Birthday, Anniversary or special occasion. Perhaps it is now time for a change in perspective and a rethink about how we can truly make giving memorable 365 days of the year.

Try a gift of your time or your contribution, rather than another trinket or plaything to clutter up our already over stuffed homes.

In lieu of this I have put together a list of the best gifts ever. These won’t cost you a lot of dollars but will truly have you feeling great about yourself.

Giving needs to be all about the difference you make and to the way another feels. It’s about giving the gift of yourself, or making a difference to the life of another through a gesture that comes from you, straight from your heart.

So some ideas from me:

  1. Set up a monthly pledge through a favourite charity, a pledge that delivers a monthly return in correspondence, this would be an awesome reminder of your gesture and connection to the recipient and assist a very real need.
  2. Offer a day of your time to take a special person to a free (or paid) event such as a concert in the park and take a picnic along.
  3. Adopt a pet through the SPCA, but check that this is a suitable gift first.
  4. Take someone with you to cook meals for the homeless on Christmas day, the City Mission or equivalent in your area.  I am sure you would do it, but add real value by insisting that someone else comes along that would never think of doing it. So many people have this on their bucket list, but never make it happen.
  5. Cook a meal for someone you love, something special and afford the time to sit down and enjoy it with them along with a gorgeous bottle of wine.
  6. Take someone that struggles with their wellness into the great outdoors, choose a moderate hike (or walk) and introduce them to the benefits of movement, pack a delicious lunch and enjoy the terrain together.
  7. Teach or pay for someone to learn a skill, one that you have that they have always wanted to learn. I would love to learn to knit or to sing.
  8. Introduce someone to Pilates or Yoga, these are the top rated exercises of the 21st century. Simply pick them up and take them to a class, a great way to start moving and maintain flexibility if you are not one to enjoy exercise, as I am not.
  9. Find a fabulous healthy sweet treat, practice how to cook this and make up small parcels of deliciousness to give as gifts along with a gorgeous card with well thought out words.
  10. Put on fabulous girly luncheon in the New Year for all your bestie’s. Host at your place serving delicious whole food with a beautifully decorated table and some yummy rose wine. Perhaps you could make it a pink theme in support of breast cancer awareness
  11. Pick a huge bunch of fresh flowers from your garden, arrange and tie in a big bow, place in a vintage vase from a junk store and write a card that talks to how much this person means to you.
  12. Chocolate dip some large strawberries in white, milk and dark chocolate. Arrange in a gorgeous box and add a card that is hand written and talks about the special relationship you have with the receiver.

There are so many great ideas that will in most case cost little in dollars and take nothing more than your time.


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