Retailing in this digital age has certainly made all of is re-think how we engender the physical spaces to the existing and pending customer. Never before has it been more important to employ to create an exponential experience that reflects the brand’s character and gives the shopper a real reason to engage, purchase and more importantly – return.

The experience is king, and can only come from employing capable and relevant people that fit perfectly to the retailer’s brand and intrinsically know how to engage and inspire the customer.

So given this – why is it that we still, as shoppers, have a deep distrust in the motives of the frock sellers? Let’s face it – all those that tend to the retail  counters in this country are there to close the sale – vacuums or frocks – no sales, no business.

Yet, let’s take the case of the humble vacuum cleaner purchase – we women seek out all the information and choice selection that we can, in order to make a decision that not only meets the need but also offers a strong information and price advantage. We are happy to engage in conversation with the salespeople, and trust the conversations that we have.  We ask to see a broad selection, try the apparatus and we finally will make a decision – yes, we had a need, so why not fill it by making the most informed decision we can.

So let’s compare this to purchasing a dress – hmmm, a very different approach and a similar need, isn’t it – in that it’s real, we have an event and want to look the part – we enter the appropriate dress stores, but with huge distrust and intrepidation, knowing that we are highly likely to be pushed into something that is less than satisfactory, and will result in an exhausting and difficult encounter.

So why don’t we apply the same approach that we did to the vacuum cleaner purchase – why don’t we enter the store and let the sales person take over – it’s not like we have to part with any money at all. Imagine if we dropped all the pre-conceived ideas we had about what looks great on us, and what doesn’t, or what colours work for our pallor, and simply trusted the sales team to work their magic. So we look at opportunities, take risks, try outfits we would never have looked at, and trust that when the outfit is right we will know – as the mirror will ‘sparkle’ with success.

Shopping for a new frock is no different to the purchase of the vacuum cleaner – those at the retail counter have the knowledge, they are trained, they are passionate – trust them to conduct the process and open up the options – what have you got to lose? At the end of the day whether be a very ‘sucky motor’ or a fabulous frock, you get to decide – and if faced with drop dead, sloppy service and knowledge – walk away. I for one, know that survival for us is exponential experiences iced with competency, so if you get anything less, do your best pirouette and walk right out that door.


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