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“Rock The Boat – Life On Board The HMS Capability”

The highly anticipated third book from international fashion designer and entrepreneur Annah Stretton. Business advice from the best in the business.

In a career that has withstood the changing tides of fashion and the many under currents that might drag you down, Annah Stretton has stood the course and navigated a clear passage for herself. Her vision and clear sense of direction have been her compass. No one is going to rock her boat. – Vicki Treadell – British High Commissioner to New Zealand


I was in our local library this week and decided to look at the business books and there was one that really connected for me – Rock the Boat! by YOU.
I sat down and started reading it and couldn’t put it down. I had already decided that Rock the Boat was my plan for this year! Thank you for writing this book, 2016 is going to be my most magnificent year ever!


In celebration of 21 years in the rag trade, Annah Stretton shares the wisdom and experience that has made her one of New Zealand’s most recognised figures in fashion and business.

From her tips on succeeding in life to hard-hitting opinions on New Zealand’s social policy,


Rock the Boat brings together Stretton’s hard won experiences in life and leadership.


When Annah recently opened New Zealand’s highest selling newspaper to see a larger-than-life photo of herself teamed with an article that exposed her every political ideal she had to make a decision… to sink or to swim.

After 21 years of successes and failures she chose to swim… and hasn’t looked back.

“So many dreams are lost and actions not taken because we fear failure,” Stretton says. “I believe failing is a normal part of the business process and may be better than success, as there are so many learnings to be had. It is mediocrity that is the problem.”

Each chapter in Rock the Boat explores the instinctive behaviours of women; garnered from two decades of employing, networking and engaging with capable women at all levels.

“Every day with the 160 women that I employ as well as the people I do business daily with, I see a potpourri of behaviour. So often there is a better way of dealing with the challenges that occur, rather than analysing to death what has occurred. It’s about the way forward and how I can make your boat go faster.”


Rock the Boat will also provide a blue print for navigating the toughest scenarios and how to get what you really want out of these situations including how to tell your team to shape up or ship out.


Annah’s crew mates; high-profile businessmen and women are also on board providing depth and real experiences in a quest to uncover the key elements needed to ensure success in today’s competitive business environment.

Crew members including CEO of Saatchi and Saatchi Worldwide, Kevin Roberts, World of Wearable Art creator, Suzie Moncrieff, Rod Drury, Mai Chen, Tony Falkenstein and Tim Alp are just a few of the business heavyweights along for the ride.

“When we start to vocalize our dreams there’s hope that we may bring them to fruition. Conversation brings us closer to action! We all have goals and visions and with some front-foot thinking we can generally make them happen. Rock the Boat will teach you how.”


Rock the Boat is a must read manual for all employers of women and for all women that drive daily for that elusive business and life success.


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