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Annah Stretton’s Second Book ‘Wise Heart’ Explains The Values Behind This Entrepreneur’s Drive For Success

Annah Stretton’s ‘Wise Heart,’ her most popular book, has been reprinted due to popular demand and just in time for Christmas. This book is the perfect gift for a budding entrepreneur, and all others simply wanting to live life in full colour. Wise heart details the drive and the values behind the success that is the Annah Stretton brand. Run your life and your business with PASSION, DRIVE  and HEART – and you will THRIVE.  Share this book with someone you care about, or buy for yourself and ensure that in 2017 your corner of the world shines brightly.

In this candid, engaging book she shares the strategies and tools that have got her to the top and that have kept her there. From art student to accountant; entrepreneur to serial philanthropist and now industry leader; Annah Stretton’s story is one of passion, colour, generosity and extreme business success.

Annah Stretton’s hugely influential Stretton Group has grown to include a thriving fashion and publishing empire. Her success combined with an active involvement in a huge number of philanthropic endeavours made her a worthy recipient of the 2009 New Zealand Veuve Clicquot Award.


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